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Legacy – Hero in a Black Hat

slider8The name Leonard Padilla has been synonymous with bail since 1975. Leonard and his wife Rose began their business in a small office in downtown Sacramento, California, where they began serving the needs of the community by providing bail and honest advice to those in need. Over the years they shared their success with others, helping to start over 40 bail bond companies comprised of professional, compassionate and expert bail bonds men and women across California. The successful culmination of their efforts is reflected in Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds. There might be other bail agencies that share the name Padilla but not one of these agencies or its people share the charisma, integrity and strength that is Leonard Padilla and Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds.

Leonard has built a well deserved “bigger than life” reputation which has been reinforced with his appearances in movies and television programs shown throughout the world. Leonard has also testified in court as an expert on behalf of the bail bond industry and has been instrumental in seeing legislation passed in California to improve the bail system and further lessen its impact on tax payers. This legislation has been mimicked and successfully applied in other states.

In 1982, Leonard Padilla opened the Lorenzo Patino School of Law with Judge Lorenzo Patino. The Lorenzo Patino Law School provides an affordable legal education for those wishing to practice law. Leonard is currently the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds has been built upon the principles that Leonard has instilled in all his employees and associates for over 35 years in the bail bonds industry. Here are a few of his tenets:

  • Straight talk – Tell people the truth and don’t sugar coat it.
  • Be a man for others – Always help your fellow man when possible.
  • Never kick a man when he’s down – Even the competition.
  • There is always another way to do something – Use your head and figure it out.
  • Do not take No for an answer – Stay on it until you get a Yes.
  • Never give-up – When you do you’ve given up everything.
  • Never assume – Because that’s where things go wrong.
  • Always be available – Because people need you.
  • Stand up for what you believe in – Because no one else will.
  • Be self reliant – Because that means freedom.

With the bail bond industry growing by increasing demands put on our local law enforcement agencies, Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds meets that demand with our professionally managed staff of compassionate and seasoned agents, helping save tax payers millions of dollars in the process.

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