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If you or someone you know is arrested in Amador County, and bail is more than you can pay yourself, chances are you will need a bail bond agent to help bail you out. Bail bonds are the most efficient and speedy way to post a larger bail and get out quickly and there is no shame in hiring a bail bond agent to help out. In fact, most people with larger bails use a bail bond and are glad they did.

How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost?

Amador County, CA bail bond agents charge a fee for their services, which is generally 10% of the bail. This fee or premium is mandated by the California Insurance Commission and the state of California, and all agents must charge for it. There are some instances in which the premium can be 8%. This is if the defendant belongs to a union, has hired an attorney, or is a U.S. military veteran.

What Is Required to Get a Bail Bond?

To obtain a bond, the defendant will need a co-signer. A co-signer is usually a family member or other loved one who agrees to take responsibility, and make sure that person shows up in court. The co-signer is usually required to have a job or some regular income or collateral, and agrees to pay back the entire bail if the defendant flees and does not return after 6 months. If this happens, the bail money is kept by the court and the co-signer is obligated to pay the bail agent back.

The defendant, co-signer and bail agent sign a legal agreement that the defendant will appear in court as required until the case is completed. Following the completion of the case in which the defendant has attended their hearings, the bail is exonerated and the money is returned. The defendant must pay the 10% premium to the bail agent to post the bail. If this proves to be a financial hardship, many bail agents have payment programs that may include putting up some sort of collateral, and allow you to pay off the premium over time.

What Happens if I Don’t Appear in Court?

If you are out on bail and do not attend your court hearings, you could be considered a fugitive. When you were released from jail and signed for the bail bond, you agreed to attend all court hearings for your case. Sometimes people oversleep or forget an appointment, but if you call in and let your bail agent know where you are, they can usually let the court know and reschedule the hearing. If you leave and no one is able to contact you, the bail agent and co-signer will likely hire a fugitive recovery agent to locate and return you to the court. This will ultimately result in more legal expenses for your family and loved ones.

How Do I Hire a Good Bail Bond Agent?

Finding the right Amador County bail bond agent can be a challenge. There are many agents in the Sacramento area, but not all of them are reliable and helpful. At Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds our agents are friendly, informative, and trustworthy, and we take time with each client to answer questions and tell them what to expect. We understand the stress that can be involved when a loved is arrested, and we make it easy for you to post bail. Because we have been serving our community in Sacramento, Amador County and surrounding areas since 1975, our experience helps to expedite the process. You can arrange your bail in our Sacramento bail bonds office, or over the phone, fax or e-mail as well. We accept most payment forms and we offer payment plans if you are unable to pay the premium up front. If someone is in jail and needs bailing out, call Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds today for quick and reliable bail bond services at (209) 817-8417.

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