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Bail Bonds in Bakersfield

Sometimes, bail in Bakersfield can get so high that the only way to quickly get someone out of jail is to get the services of a bail bond agent. In California, the maximum non-refundable fee (premium) for the services of a bail bond agent is 10% of the total bail. Depending on which jail a defendant was taken to (it could be the Central Receiving Facility at 1415 Truxtun Ave or other detention facilities in the county), we at Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds can post bail and have him released in a few hours.

Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds has been helping get people out of Kern area and other California jails for over 30 years. Consequently, we are familiar with how local jails operate and with the best ways to get a defendant on bail quickly and effortlessly.

How does Bail Work?

If your case is bailable, you will be given a chance to post bail. Your bail is your assurance to the court that you will attend all your court hearings while you are out of jail. If you don’t attend your court hearings or if you attempt to flee, the court forfeits your bail in its favor. If you are charged with a petty crime, and you have no prior criminal record, and you have good standing in your community, the judge may forgo bail and release you on your own cognizance. But this is not the case for many people. As mentioned, bail set by the court can get so high that even 10% of the bail is not affordable at one go. This is where we at Leonard Padilla Bail bonds come in. We have payment plans that can make posting bail easy for you.

What Does a Bail Bond Agent Do?

A California bail bond agent posts bail in your behalf. In exchange, you pay him or her 10% of the bail. You and your co-signer will sign a contract with the bail bond agent and pay the premium and then the bail bond agent posts the bail in your behalf and processes the required paperwork with the court. Then the jail where you are held is notified and you are released in as short a time as a few hours, depending on that jail’s release processing time. We are usually able to tell you how long it takes between the receipt of the bail and your release as soon as we know which jail or detention center you were taken to.

What if I can’t afford the premium?

If paying the premium up front is too much for you, we offer flexible financing tailored to your particular situation. This means we can get you out of jail relatively fast.

Is A Bail Bond Fee Negotiable?

You may be able to pay a lower premium (8% of the bail) if you are a union member, or have retained a lawyer, or a U.S. veteran (or active in the military).

What Happens if I Don’t Appear in Court?

If you don’t appear in court, or flee; your co-signer will be made to pay full bail. In addition, the bail bond agent may hire a bounty hunter to bring you back — the bounty hunter’s fee added to your co-signer’s liabilities. This is the reason why your co-signer should have a job or a regular income or is able to present collateral.

If you just overslept or forgot your court appointment, let your bail bond agent know where you are and they will inform the court so that your hearing can be rescheduled.

For quick, reliable and friendly service, call Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds in Bakersfield 24/7 at (661) 213-4000. We serve Bakersfield and the surrounding Kern County area.

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