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Getting Arrested in Chico

You get the call – it could be the middle of the night. A family member or loved one has been arrested in Chico. They need to get out of jail and their bail is set for an amount that exceeds what you have in your bank account. What can you do?

Posting bail at any hour of the day or night is easier than you may think with Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call us – even a 3 am – and we are here to help. We will issue a bail bond for the full amount of the bail, and you pay only a small percent of the amount for our service. The entire process can take less than a few hours, and your loved one can be out quickly.

What Happens When You Get Arrested?

An arrested person is usually taken to the nearest jail or detention facility and booked. This is often the local police station. During booking, the police take all personal belongings and store them safely. They also take “mug shots” of the person and ask them questions about what happened at the crime scene. They collect personal information about the accused, such as full name, birth date, address, standing in the community, driver’s license and other pertinent information. If not charged, the person is released and free to go. If charged, bail is usually set and the accused person is allowed one phone call to inform someone of their situation and help to bail them out.

How Do You Get A Bail Bond in Chico?

Once you have contacted us, we will expedite the process of posting your bond.  Our trustworthy and experienced agents at Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds will explain the process and guide you in what to do. We will let you know what to expect at the various jails, and we also prepare all of the paperwork. To get a bail bond in Chico, a contract is signed between the bail agent, the defendant, and a co-signer. The co-signer is someone who takes responsibility for the defendant once they are released. It is usually a family member or loved one of the defendant. The condition of release on bail is such that the defendant promises to attend all of their court hearings throughout the case, and if they fail to appear, the full amount of the bail may have to be paid back by the co-signer.  Once all of the paperwork is signed and the premium (fee) is paid, we obtain the bail money or promissory note, file the paperwork with the court and the person will be released soon afterward.

Is A Bail Bond Fee Negotiable?

In the state of California, and Chico, the premium is set by the state, and must be 10% of the bail – no more or less. A licensed bonded California bail bond agent always follows this law. In some cases we can discount the premium to 8%. This is when the defendant is a U.S. veteran, a member of a union, or has retained an attorney.

What If I Can’t Afford the Premium?

If bail is high, some people may have difficulty paying the premium right away. We understand this, and we offer payment plans for people in Chico who qualify for financing. These include flexible plans that we fit with each client’s needs. As one of the most highly respected and professional bail bond agents in the area, we strive to make it affordable and as easy as possible for you to obtain the bail you need.

When someone is arrested and needs bailing out, we are your trusted source. Call Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds at 530-PADILLA / 530-723-4552.

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