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Arrest and Bail in Davis

The phone rings – its 3 am. It’s a close family member on the other end of the line. They tell you they have been arrested and are in a local police station, and may be moved to the county jail. They’ve been granted bail but it is more money than you make in a year.

What do you do?

Getting out of jail can seemlike a scary and daunting task, especially at three in the morning. The truth is, if you call us at Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds, we can post bail for you and take the stress out of the whole ordeal.

Professionals in the bail industry for over 30 years, our friendly bail bondsman agents in Davis are trained to handle almost any situation regarding bail and Yolo County bail bonds. We are licensed and in full compliance with California law.

How Does a Bail Bond Work?

“How can a third party bail you out?” you might ask. A good bail bond agent will explain the process to you if needed, and help you with paperwork as well. Bail bonds are a type of bond called a surety bond. This is basically a promise to pay and is fulfilled through a contract between the defendant and the bail bond agent, and a surety company. The surety company is usually an insurance company or a bank, which puts up the bail (usually in the form of a promissory note). In essence, the bail bond agent and the defendant agree that the bail bond agent will bail out the defendant on the promise that he/she will attend all of their court hearings in the case. Once they do and the case is over, bail will be exonerated, or forgiven.

If the defendant does not attend their hearings, the bail is forfeited and the court keeps it. In this case, the defendant (and their co-signer on the contract) may become liable for the entire bail. Bail bond agents will also require a co-signer on the bail bond contract. This is a person who signs with the defendant and promises to pay the bail back if the defendant fails to attend their court appearances. But you have 6 months after the person skips bail before this is really due. This gives you a chance to reschedule in case the defendant just forgot to go to court, or perhaps overslept. If the defendant leaves town and cannot be found, the co-signer will have some time to find the person and get them back to court.

What does it Cost to get a Bail Bond in Davis?

By law, bail bond agents must charge a fee for their services, called a premium. This fee is not refundable and is 10% of the bail. If your bail is 10,000, the premium is $1,000. In some cases the premium can be discounted. This is if the defendant has retained an attorney, is a member of a union, or is a US veteran.

What Happens is the Premium is More than I Can Afford?

If your bail is so high that even 10% seems like too much, some bail bond agents can work with their clients and offer financing programs. At Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds, we have set up a program that allows us to work with each person individually and set up payment plan that you can afford. That way, you don’t have to stop the bail process and can get your loved one out of jail fast.

When you need help with bail bonds in Sacramento and in the Davis area, don’t hesitate to call us immediately. We work 24/7 to take you call, and our agents will treat you with respect and kindness. We are here at Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds to bail you out quickly. Call (530) PADILLA / (530) 723-4552.

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