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Arrest and Booking: What Happens When You Get Arrested?

If you are arrested in El Cajon, you are taken to the nearest jail or detention center, either the Corrections Department at 1400 N Johnson Ave, or any of the adult or juvenile detention centers in San Diego County. This is for booking purposes – if you have an existing police record, this will be updated; if not, it will be created. All kinds of questions will be asked of you and your pictures will be taken, as well as your fingerprints.

If you are found worthy of being charged, the police would determine if your offense is bailable. You will then be given a chance to post bail by making one phone call to the person best able to help you post bail – typically a loved one or a friend. If your loved one or friend is unable to produce full bail, you will need the help of a bail bond agent – like Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds.

At Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds, we understand your problem. Getting arrested is very stressful and so we do our best to help you get released on bail quickly.

How does Bail Work?

Bail is yours or someone else’s money or property held as a kind of collateral by the court while you are out of jail. This ensures you will attend all your scheduled court hearings. If you do skip your court hearings (unjustified) or flee, your bail is forfeited to the court.

After all your court proceedings, if things go smoothly, the court gives your bail back.

But this refunding process is frustrating because it sometimes takes months after the court proceedings before you get the bail back.

And then there’s the question of affordability. Sometimes the bail set is just too steep to be paid by you at one go. This is where a bail bond agent can prove very useful. Pay a fee to the bail bond agent (usually 10% of the maximum California bail), and he will talk to the court and process the bail for you.

How Do I Get a Bail Bond Agent?

Just call us at Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds:
El Cajon: (619) 444-9954 | North County: (760) 643-0835.

Our over 30 years’ experience in the bail bond business and our service sets us apart from our competitors. Our agents are friendly and trustworthy. You can also arrange for your bail by phone, email or fax. You can also have someone come to our office and arrange for your bail.

You’ll need a co-signer to sign a contract with the bail bond agent. The contract’s terms include the part where you and your co-signer will be made liable to pay the full bail and various expenses if you don’t attend your court hearings. Then you pay the non-refundable bail bond premium, which is no more than 10% of the bail (by California Law). This can be lowered down to 8% for those in the military (active or veteran), or those who have retained a lawyer. If you cannot pay the 10% premium at one go, we have payment plans that will suit your situation.

Once the premium is paid, the San Diego bail bond agent submits the paperwork at court and then, depending on your jail’s processing time, you will be released on bail.

The time it takes between submission of bail paperwork and your release depends on the particular jail/detention center you were taken to. We can usually tell you how long that time is once we know which jail or detention center you were taken to.

What Happens if I Don’t Appear in Court?

This happens usually for either of two reasons:

  1. If you flee, according to the terms of the bail bond contract, your co-signer must pay the full bail back to the bail bond agent. If the bail bond agent hires a bounty hunter to bring you back, your co-signer will also be made to pay the bounty hunter’s expenses.
  2. If you accidentally missed a hearing, you should call your bail bond agent so he and your co-signer can inform the court. This usually results to a rescheduled hearing instead of court sanctions.


El Cajon: (619) 444-9954 | North County: (760) 643-0835

It’s not an easy task, finding the right bail bond agent in San Diego County. There are a lot of bail bond agents, but only a few are as reliable and helpful as us. Distinguished for fast, friendly, efficient and considerate service, Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds has been in the bail bonds business for over 30 years, so we know all the jails and we know the fastest and best way to get your arrested loved one released from a San Diego County jail with the least stress. If you know someone who needs bailing out, we are on standby 24 hours a day.

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