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If you know someone who has been arrested and was charged with a crime, they probably have been granted bail. If so, they must pay the bail or else remain in jail until their arraignment or first hearing. Depending on the crime, bail in El Dorado Hills can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands or more.

How does Bail Work?

Bail is an amount of money or property that is temporarily given to the court to ensure that the defendant will attend all of the court hearings that are required during their case. Once the case is concluded, the bail is returned. When bail is paid in cash, it can take months for the cash to be refunded. If the defendant fails to show up in court, the bail will be forfeited and it will not be returned. Bail is thus a kind if insurance that the person will come to court.

What Does a Bail Bond Agent Do?

A bail bond agent in El Dorado Hills can post the bail for you if it is too much for you and your loved ones to post with cash. In this case, you will be able to get the defendant out of jail without waiting for other funding sources that may be less reliable. With Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds the process is relatively easy and free of stress. We issue a contract that is between you, your co-signer, and us – the bail bond agent. This contract specifies that the defendant will attend all their court hearings and will obey the conditions of their bail. It also says that the co-signer will take responsibility that the defendant will attend their required court hearings. If the defendant does not attend one or more hearings, then the co-signer may become liable for the entire bail. You must pay a fee – or premium to the bail bond agent for their services. In California, this fee is the same for all bail bond agents – 10% of the bail. Therefore, if your bail was $20,000, the premium paid to the bail bond agent would be $2,000. For quick, reliable bail and friendly service, can call Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds 24/7 for help at (916) or (530) PADILLA / (916) or (530) 723-4552. We are in the El Dorado Hills area standing by for your call.

Booking in an El Dorado Jail

After you are arrested, you will be taken to a jail or detention facility in the El Dorado Jail area. You will then undergo the booking process. Booking is done so that the police can acquire the most complete and accurate record of you, your account of what happened, and decide if they will charge you or release you. Your personal belongings will be taken and stored by the police, and you will be allowed to call one person. This call should be to someone who can help you with bail. You will need to give them information such as your full name, address, birth date, the facility where you are being held, and the amount of bail. If bail is too high to pay cash, the person can call a bail bondsman agent in El Dorado Hills for help.

What are the Types of Bail Bonds?

The most commonly used bail bonds in California are cash bonds, surety bonds, and own recognizance. Bonds using real property are also used, such as putting up a house, but these are relatively uncommon in California.

Cash Bonds – This bail bond is when the defendant pays bail in cash.

Surety Bail Bonds – A surety bond is when the defendant uses a third party to issue the bail for them. In this case the third party is the bail bond agent. There is a contract between the defendant and bail agent with a promise to pay the bail agent the full amount of bail if the defendant does not fulfill his/her obligation to attend court hearings. The bail bond is usually a promissory note issued to the court by a bonded surety company such as an insurance company or bank..

Own Recognizance

When someone is released on their own recognizance, they sign a form that says they promise to attend their court dates, and are free to go. No monetary bail is required. Thus type of bail is used in cases in which the defendant is in good standing in the community and the crime is minor.

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