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When Would I Need a Bail Bond Agent in Jackson?

If someone you know has been arrested in the Jackson area, you may need to hire a bail bond agent. This is the case when bail is higher than the person can afford to post to the court. Even though family members and loved ones are often called upon to help with bail, it often happens that bail is just too high.

In California, bail bond agents charge a fee for their service, which is 10% of the bail. This fee is called a premium, and it is not refundable. The premium rate is mandated by California State law, and is not negotiable. In some cases, an 8% premium may be applicable. This is if the defendant is a member of a union, is a U.S. veteran, or has retained a lawyer.

Jackson Bail Bonds – How do They Work?

When a person is suspected of committing a crime, they are taken to a local jail or detention facility and booked. During booking they will be asked questions regarding their involvement with the crime, asked to disclose their identity, have photos and fingerprints taken, and other information gathered. If they are accused of the crime, they must remain in jail until first their court hearing – called an arraignment – unless they post bail. Bail is set by a magistrate or judge and follows the California Bail Schedule. This schedule is a list of crimes and the appropriate amount of bail that fits each crime. The person assigning bail can exercise some flexibility in assigning bail, and they can use features such as the criminal history of the accused person (or lack of), standing in the community, or whether or not they have a family and a job.

The most common bail bond used for domestic misdemeanors and felonies are surety bonds. This is basically a promise to pay the bail to the court if the defendant flees and does not show up for their hearings after they are released from jail. The bail agent requires a contract with the defendant and a co-signer for the bond. The co-signer – usually a family member or friend of the defendant – becomes responsible for the defendant during the time they are released from jail through the completion of the case.

What Happens the Defendant Doesn’t Show up In Jackson Court?

If the defendant attends all court hearings, then the bond is exonerated or forgiven when the case is over. If, however, the defendant flees and cannot be located, the co-signer will become liable for the entire bail. Sometimes it is necessary to hire a fugitive recovery agent to locate the defendant and bring them back. The co-signer will be usually responsible to pay the fees for the fugitive recovery agent as well.

There are occasions in which the defendant misses a hearing because they may have overslept or forgotten. In those cases, the co-signer and bail agent may work together to report this to the court and reschedule the hearing.

What if the Premium is too Much to Pay?

Sometimes if the bail is so high that even the premium is thousands of dollars, people cannot afford to pay it up front. At Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds we offer flexible financing that can be fit to your individual needs. We have been helping people get out of jail for over 30 years, and we usually have a solution for everyone. Our goal is to make it as easy as we can to help you obtain your bail bond fast. We are available by phone 24/7, and our friendly agents are always here to help. Call us right away at (209) 817-8417 and get results fast.

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