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Bail Bonds in Los Angeles

What do you do if a friend or loved one is arrested in Los Angeles County and the bail is set for $20,000? Most people do not have that much on hand to post to the court and wait weeks or months until their case has been resolved. It is not unusual in California and Los Angeles for bail to be set for tens of thousands of dollars, or more. The more serious the nature of the crime you are accused of, the higher the bail will be.

Once your bail is posted you are free to leave the jail or detention facility but you must appear in court for all of your hearings until your case is decided. If you fail to appear, all the bail will be lost and forfeited to the court. Bail is insurance for the court that you will abide by the court orders and appearances or else lose your money. The easiest and fastest way to post bail is by hiring a bail bond agent to post bail for you. Bail bond agents should be licensed and bonded and have experience with the local courts and their procedures. A bail bond is guarantee that the bail will be paid to the court if you fail to make your court appearances, and can only be obtained and posted by a licensed bail bond agent. You must sign a contract with your bail bond agent, and for the service of posting your bail and getting you out of jail, they charge a fee of 10% of the value of the bail. The 10% fee is a mandatory charge that is California law. If you have retained a private attorney for your case you are eligible to pay the bondsman 8%. If you are a member of a labor union, your bail bond agent may also accept an 8% fee. For most people, it is worth the fee to get out of jail quickly – sometimes within a few hours – by using the professional and efficient services of a bail bond agent.

Occasionally, if bail is high, the agent may also require collateral such as the deed to a home, title to a car, or other valuable assets. These will be placed in a trust for the duration of your court proceedings, and will be exonerated – or released from possession of the court – along with the bail bond after the proceedings are finished and you have complied with the required appearances.

Our bail agents at Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds in Los Angeles are professionally licensed and are very understanding of the hardship you and your loved ones are going through form this arrest. We make the bail process as easy and quick as possible so that your friend or loved one can be released by the Los Angeles County Jail Sheriff’s as soon as possible. We are available 24/7. Call now to get the Los Angeles bail bonds process started.

Los Angeles County Jails

There are several jails in Los Angeles County. It is important to know which facility your friend or loved one has been brought to because you must relay this information to the bail agent for fast bail bond service.

Los Angeles County Inmate Information:

Central Jail
441 Bauchet St., Los Angeles 90012
Phone: (213) 974-4082 Main lobby daytime hours
(213) 974-4921 Main control after hours

Twin Towers Correctional Facility
450 Bauchet St., Los Angeles 90012
Male Inmates Tower One (213) 893-5100
Female Inmates Tower Two (213) 893-5220

Los Angeles County, CA

Located in southern California, Los Angeles is the most populous county in the U.S., with over ten million residents in 2009. The county seat is the city of Los Angeles. With over 88 incorporated cities, and over 4,700 square miles, the county is larger than the area of Delaware and Rhode Island combined. Los Angeles County is home to about ¼ of all of California’s residents.

Los Angeles County contains many diverse natural and scenic areas, including miles of Pacific Ocean coastline, the San Gabriel and Santa Monica Mountains (home of a wilderness area called the Angeles National Forest), several lakes and parks.

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