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Arrest and Booking: What Happens When You Get Arrested?

If you are arrested in Martinez, you are taken to the nearest jail or detention center (probably the Martinez Detention Center), and you are made to undergo the booking process. Booking means creating your entry in the police records. The booking process also serves to find out from you as much information about the case as possible. During booking you will be photographed, fingerprinted and asked to fully identify yourself as well as asked other questions pertinent to your case.

If, after booking, it is determined that you should be charged, you will be given the choice to be released on bail. You will be allowed to make a phone call to a person who can post your bail or who can contact a good bail bond agent if your outside contact cannot pay the full bail for you.

At Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds, we understand your stress and hardship and we will help you with your or your loved one’s quick release.

How does Bail Work?

Bail is money or property temporarily given to the court to ensure the defendant will attend all his or her scheduled court hearings of his or her case. If the defendant flees the court, the bail becomes the property of the court.

After the case is finished, the bail is given back to the defendant (or whoever paid the bail). The problem is, if the bail is paid in cash, it will take months after the case is concluded before the bail can be refunded.

Again, more often than not, the bail can be too high so that the defendant or his loved ones are unable to pay it in a single go to secure the defendant’s release. This is where bail bond agents come in – to help secure your release by posting the bail for you – for a small fee (in California, the fee is 10% of the bail, no more than that).

How Do I Get a Bail Bond Agent?

With Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds, all you have to do is call us at (925) or (510) PADILLA / (925) or (510) 723-4552. Since all bail bond agents charge the same amount, what sets us apart is our service. We have over 30 years experience in the bail bond business, leading to quick and efficient bail posting and release from jail. Plus, our agents are trustworthy and friendly. We can arrange bail bond at our office, by phone, by email or through fax.

Before a bail bond can be posted, the defendant and his or her co-signer needs to sign a contract with the bail bond agent. The contract stipulates the defendant and the co-signer’s responsibility if the terms of the bail and contract are broken – for example, the co-signer becomes liable to pay the full bail if the defendant flees or fails to attend his court hearings.

Once the contract is signed, the defendant, his family, or the co-signer pays the bail bond premium – 10% (by California law) of the bail to the bail bond agent (we accept most forms of payment, including collateral). The premium can be lowered down to 8% of the bail if you’re a member of a union, active or veteran military, or if you have retained a lawyer. The bail bond agent then submits the bail bond and paperwork to the court and the defendant is released a short time after. How long this takes depends on the particular jail or detention center – as soon as we know which jail the defendant is taken to, we’ll be able to advise him or his family or co-signer as to the jail’s typical release times from the submission of the bail bond).

Payment Plans: What if I can’t afford the premium?

If the premium is too much to pay all at once, our bail bonds in California offer an easy and flexible financing program that’s tailored to your particular situation. Call us at (925) 231-8103 for reliable, trustworthy and considerate bail bond service. We are available 24 hours for you.

What Happens if I Don’t Appear in Court?

There are two possible causes for this:

  1. The defendant deliberately flees and cannot be located. In this case, according to the terms of the bail bond contract, the co-signer must pay the full bail back to the bail bond agent. If the they agree to hire a bounty hunter (aka “fugitive recovery agent”) to find and bring back the defendant, the co-signer also shoulders the bounty hunter’s expenses.
  2. The defendant accidentally missed a hearing because he may have overslept or just forgot the date of the hearing. In this case, the defendant should call his bail bond agent and they, together with the co-signer, will inform the court so that the missed hearing can be rescheduled.

FOR 24 HR. BAIL BOND SERVICES CALL: (925) 231-8103

It’s not easy finding the right bail bond agent in Contra Costa County. Martinez may have many bail bond agents but only a few of them are reliable and helpful. Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds is distinguished for its fast, friendly, efficient and considerate service, a service that has been ongoing in Contra Costa County for over 30 years, so we are we know all the jails and we know the fastest and best way to get your arrested loved one released from jail with the minimum of stress. If you know someone who needs bailing out, call us. We are on standby 24 hours a day so we can help you.

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