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Arrest and Booking: What Happens When You Get Arrested?

If you are arrested in Oakland, you are taken to the nearest jail or detention center, either the Oakland City Jail, or any of the adult or juvenile detention centers in Alameda County. There, you will be booked – your police record will be created, or updated as the case may be. During booking you will be asked to fully identify yourself plus asked a lot of questions about the case. Your mugshot and fingerprints will be taken.

If you are to be charged after booking, you will be asked if you’d like to be released on bail (unless the offense is nonbailable). You are then permitted one phone call to someone who can post the bail for you. If your contact person cannot pay bail, he or she can contact a bail bond agent.

At Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds, we understand the stress and hardship you’re in. We do our best to help you or your loved one be quickly released on bail.

How does Bail Work?

Bail is yours or someone else’s money or property held by the court while you are out of jail. This is a kind of collateral held temporarily by the court to make sure you will attend all your scheduled court hearings. If you skip your court hearings (without justification) or flee the authorities, the court gets to keep the bail.

If there are no hitches like that, the defendant/bail-giver gets the bail back after all the court proceedings are done. Refunding the bail gets frustrating because it sometimes takes months after the case before you are fully refunded.

Sometimes the bail set by the court is too high for you or your loved one to pay at one go so you’ll have no choice but to stay in jail for the duration of your case. This is where a bail bond agent is useful. For a small fee (10% of the bail maximum in California), the bail bond agent can post the bail for you.

How Do I Get a Bail Bond Agent?

Just call Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds at (510) 343-6282. What sets us apart from all other bail bond services is our service. We have been in the bail bond business for over 30 years and we are known for having trustworthy and friendly agents, and for posting bail quickly and efficiently. Choose how to arrange your bail: by phone, by email or fax, or by have someone arrange your bail at our office.

You and your co-signer will first need to agree to and sign a contract with the bail bond agent. The terms of the contract include the part where you and your co-signer become liable for paying the full bail and other expenses if you flee or fail to attend your court hearings.

After signing the contract, you, your family or your co-signer pays the non-refundable bail bond premium (10% of the bail maximum in California). At Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds, we accept most forms of payment, including property collateral (subject to assessment by our office)

If you’re a union member, either active or a veteran in the military, or have a lawyer retained, you may pay only 8% of the bail as premium.

What remains is for us to submit the bail bond and paperwork to the court and you will be released a short time after – the time it takes for your release depends on the particular jail/detention center you were taken to. This is why you should find out the address of the jail or detention center before you make your one phone call. Once we know where you were taken to, we will be able to tell you that jail’s release time after they receive your bail.

Payment Plans: What if I can’t afford the premium?

Sometimes the bail set by the court is so high that even 10% cannot be afforded by the defendant or his loved ones at one go. When that happens, Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds allows scheduled payments of the premium, so you don’t have to pay it at one go. Call us so we can create a payment plan favorable for your situation. We are available at  (510) 343-6282. Our reliable, trustworthy and considerate bail bond service is available 24 hours for you.

What Happens if I Don’t Appear in Court?

This usually happens for any of two reasons:

1. If the defendant deliberately flees then, according to the terms of the bail bond contract, the co-signer must pay the full bail back to the bail bond agent. If it is agreed that a bounty hunter (aka “fugitive recovery agent”) be hired to find and bring back the defendant, the co-signer also pays the expenses incurred by the bounty hunter.

2. If the defendant missed a hearing accidentally (he may have overslept or just forgot the hearing date), the defendant should call his bail bond agent so they, together with the co-signer, can inform the court. The court usually reschedules a hearing missed hearing from justifiable causes.
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It’s not an easy task, finding the right bail bond agent in Alameda County. There are a lot of bail bond agents, but only a few are as reliable and helpful as us. Distinguished for fast, friendly, efficient and considerate service, Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds has been in the bail bonds business for over 30 years, so we know all the jails and we know the fastest and best way to get your arrested loved one released from an Alameda County jail with the least stress.

If you know someone who needs a bail bond in Oakland, CA or anywhere in the Alameda County area, we are on standby 24 hours a day.

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