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Do you have a family member or loved one in jail in Placerville and they need to make bail?

Never fear – Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds is here!

We can help anyone in the Placerville area with bail, no matter what the charges. We don’t judge anyone or make any assumptions. We are simply here to help you post bail as fast as possible, and our friendly and professional agents understand the difficult situation you are in.

How do You get a Bail Bond In Placerville?

Dealing with a reputable and experienced California bail bond service provider such as Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds is practically stress-free and easy. Simply call us – any time day or night – and we can get the process started. If you can’t make it to our office, we can arrange everything by phone, fax, or e-mail. A bail bond agent requires just a few things: signing of the contract with the defendant and a co-signer, and a premium, or fee. The premium in California is 10% of the total bail, and is not negotiable. This is in compliance with the law, and no bail bond agents are allowed to charge otherwise. In some special cases we are allowed to lower the premium to 8% of the bail. This is if the defendant has hired an attorney, is a union member, or a U.S. veteran.

We will also help you with filling out the information needed on the contract. If it is your first time or you need assistance, we will walk you through the process, and let you know what to expect. Our experience in the Placerville area means that we know the local jails and courts, so we can anticipate paperwork and estimate the release time once everything is submitted.

The co-signer for the contract is someone who will be responsible for the defendant once they are released. This person must be employed and takes on the responsibility that the defendant will appear in court for their hearings until the case is over – no matter what the outcome. As long as the defendant appears at all of their required court hearings, the bail will be exonerated (given back) at the end.

What if the Defendant Skips their Court Dates?

If the defendant does not attend their court hearings, the co-signer may become liable for the entire bail. In Placerville, you have six months before the bail becomes due. In cases where the defendant flees, the co-signer may work with the bail bond agent to hire a skip tracer, also called fugitive recovery agent or bounty hunter. This person is paid to find and return the defendant who fled and “skipped bail”. This will also add to the expense of the case, which ultimately must be paid by the co-signer.

Sometimes the defendant simply oversleeps or forgets about a hearing. In those cases, they can report into the bail bond agent and a new hearing can be scheduled.

What if I can’t Afford the Premium?

If bail is high and you can’t pay the premium, you can still get your bail right away. Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds offers financing plans that we can tailor to fit your individual requirements. We will work with you to come up with an affordable monthly payment option that works for you.

When you or someone you know in the Placerville area needs bail quickly and wants to avoid unreliable services, hassle or road blocks, call Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds right away. We will act fast and professionally while providing friendly, helpful El Dorado County bail bonds service. Our agents are standing by to answer your call: (530) PADILLA  / 530-723-4552.

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