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About Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds

Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds agents cover Richmond and other Contra Costa localities for your bail bonds needs.

Whether you are from El Cerrito, Pinole, Richmond, San Pablo, Martinez, Pleasant Hill, Antioch, Oakley or any other part of Contra Costa County, we can quickly send agents to meet you at the jail or your house, wherever is most convenient. If you wish, our main Sacramento bail bonds office can handle your transaction by telephone, email or fax so you don’t have to leave home.

Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds and staff have a vast and intimate knowledge and decades of experience in the bail bond process. Plus, we are willing to take on all bonds big or small so we have the edge in getting you, your friend or loved one home fast. We are available for you 24/7. Call us right now at (925) 231-8103.

What Happens When You Get Arrested?

Anyone arrested in Richmond will likely be taken to the Richmond City Jail for booking. Booking can take 2 to 6 hours. In that time, the arrested person will be photographed, fingerprinted, background checked, and searched for weapons, drugs and other contraband. His or her personal things will be kept until his or her release.

If your friend or loved one is arrested, please note the name of the jail or detention facility where your friend or loved one was brought to for booking, as your bail bond agent will need it to serve bail promptly. Our bail bond agent can submit your bail paperwork in less than 1 hour.

The time it takes between submission of paperwork and the arrestee’s release depends on the jail and we can tell you how long this takes once we know your jail.

Here are some of the jails and detention centers in Contra Costa County:

Adult Jails & Detention Facilities

How does Bail Work?

If you or a friend got arrested in Richmond, you may be held at the Richmond City Jail or the nearest County Jail. Chances are, you were advised to post bail so you could be temporarily released while your case is being tried. If you don’t post bail in California, you have to stay in jail until the bail hearing or arraignment or even until all the court hearings are done. The court holds the bail (money or property) for you until after the case. If you fail to show up in court, the court keeps the bail. Bail serves as an incentive for defendants to show up in court.

The downside to paying the bail in cash is that it can take months for the bail to be refunded.

What Does a Bail Bond Agent Do?

If cash bail is too much for you or your loved ones to pay, or if you have no other reliable bail funding sources, a bail bond agent in Richmond can post the bail for you.

The process is relatively easy and stress-free with Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds. It only takes two things

  1. signed contract between you, your co-signer and the bail bond agent – us; and
  2. premium/fee – paid to the bail bond agent for their services.

Your co-signer is someone who will be responsible for you and whose best interest is for you to appear in court. If you don’t (and you flee your case), the co-signer may become liable to pay the total amount of the bail.

The premium is a non-refundable fee. In California, the premium is mandated by law to be one-tenth (10%) of the bail. For example, if your bail is set at $10,000, the premium is $1,000. The premium can go down to 8% of the bail if you are a union member, have a private attorney retained, or if you are a member of the military (active or retired).

Depending on your locality, it is possible for the bail to go up to the thousands of dollars. If that happens, the premium might be too steep to pay all at once, especially with the tough economy. Don’t worry, we will work with you to come up with an effective payment plan suited for your situation.

What Happens if I Don’t Appear in Court?

Part of one’s release on bail agreement is to promise to attend all court hearings. However, it’s natural for people to sometimes forget a court appointment, oversleep, or worse (accidents do happen). If this happens to you, call your bail bond agent and let them know where you are. Then your bail bond agent can inform the court so the hearing can be rescheduled.

If you intentionally flee your bail and court hearings, the court could proclaim you a fugitive. Then your bail agent and co-signer might hire a bounty hunter (aka, fugitive recovery agent) to find you and take you to court. Fleeing your bail could then result to more legal expenses and grief to your family and loved ones.

For fast, reliable and friendly bail service, call Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds available 24/7 at  (925) 231-8103.

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