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Bail and Getting Arrested in San Jose

If you get arrested in San Jose, charged with a crime, and made to pay bail for your release, sometimes the bail is too much to pay by yourself and your family. When that happens, you need a bail bond agent. Bail bonds are the fastest and most efficient way to post large bails and get you out quickly. There is no shame in getting a bail bond agent for help. Most people who used a bail bond are glad they did.

How Does Bail Work?

Bail is money or property held by the court in exchange for your freedom from jail while your case is being tried. It ensures your attendance to all your court hearings.

If you don’t pay bail, you will have to stay in jail while your case is being heard. If you do pay bail and you flee the court, the bail becomes the court’s property and you could be declared a fugitive and a bounty hunter could be sent out to track you and bring you in.

The downside to paying bail in cash, even if you could afford the full amount, is that it takes several months to refund after your case is over. Another disadvantage is that it could take time for you and your family to collect the full amount for your bail.

With a bail bond agent, posting bail is quick and hassle-free – and legally cost only 10% of the full bail (8% if you are a veteran, union member or have retained a lawyer).

What Does a Bail Bond Agent Do?

A bail bond agent in San Jose is licensed and backed by banks so he or she can post the full amount of the bail for you – anytime you’re ready.

At Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds, we sign a legal contract between you, your co-signer and us. This contract states that you’ll attend all your court hearings and follow all the conditions of the bail. The contract also states your co-signer will be responsible in making sure you attend your hearings and, if you flee the bail, will be the one responsible for paying the bail bond agent the full amount of the bail.

The California Law mandated bail bond fee (also called premium) is 10% of the bail. This is non-refundable, but can be lowered to 8%if you qualify for the discount – if you’re a veteran, union member or have a lawyer retained.

Payment Plans

In case even the 10% premium is too high to be paid at one step, we at Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds, offer flexible payment programs tailored to suit your needs.

We are available 24/7 to help you. Call us at (408) 723-4552 and we will quickly process your bail bond for you.

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