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Getting Arrested in Yolo County

It can happen to almost any one – any time. You find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time, the police show up, and you get arrested. You are taken to a Yolo County jail, and you are booked. After booking a magistrate or judge will set bail. Bail is usually an amount of money that you must post to the court before they will release you. Bail actually functions as a sort of insurance that you will stay in town and show up for your court hearings. If you don’t attend your court hearings, you will lose the bail and the court will keep it. This is called forfeiting the bail. As long as you go to all of your court dates, the bail will be returned after the case is over. This is called exonerating the bail.

There are two main jails in Yolo County: Monroe Detention Center and the Leinberger Center. The Monroe Detention Center is Yolo County’s main jail, and is rated to house most types of prisoners, from medium to maximum security. The Leinberger Center is a facility that primarily houses prisoners who are carrying out their sentences, and are working outside at state and local agencies in order to reduce their time in jail. This is part of the Yolo County Sheriff’s Department Detention Division that is designed to help inmates to successfully re-enter society once they have completed their sentences.

If you are arrested, you may be taken to the Monroe Detention Center. The amount of bail will depend on the seriousness of the crime that you are charged with, and whether or not you have a criminal history.

What if Bail is Too Much to Pay?

If bail is too much for you or your loved ones to come up with, you can still get out fairly quickly. This is when you should hire a good bail bonds agent. Bail bond agents are legally licensed professionals that can post your bail for you. They partner with a surety company like an insurance company or bank, and the surety company will usually post a promissory note or equivalent. Bail bond agents in Yolo County and California are required to charge 10% of the total bail for their services – no more or less. If a bail bond agent tells you otherwise, they may not be legitimate or obeying the law. An exception to this rule can be made if you have retained an attorney, are a member of a union, or are a U.S. Veteran. In that case, you are allowed to pay 8% of the bail. These fees are not refundable.
If you decide not to pay bail, you will have to stay in jail until at least your first hearing. This is called an arraignment. Sometimes it happens that after the judge hears the case, he/she dismisses it and you are released. But more often, the case will proceed and another hearing will be scheduled. It can take weeks or months before the next hearing, and most people prefer to get out of jail and resume their life.

A good bail bond agent like Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds can make the process of getting your bail bond quick and easy. We have been in the bail business for over 30 years, and we know how to deal with the local jails, process your paperwork quickly, and bail you out fast. Our agents are friendly and trustworthy, and we put out clients first. We are here to help – call us any time of the day or night, seven days a week at (530) PADILLA / (530) 723-4552.

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