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Have You Been Arrested in Yuba City?

If you were arrested and granted bail, it may be that the bail is so high that you can’t afford to pay it yourself. If so, you are not alone – this happens to many people. Fortunately, there are agencies that can help you, and they are licensed professionals. A bail bond agent can actually bail you out of jail, all for just 10% of the amount of the bail.

Getting a Bail Bond in Yuba City

You might just ask “how does that work?” or “how long do I have to wait for the bail?” We at Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds can answer all of your questions while providing the most efficient and friendly service. A bail bond is a kind of surety bond, which involves a contract between someone who needs bail paid (the defendant) and someone who can provide it (the bail bond agent) under the promise that the defendant fulfills their obligation to attend court or else pay back the entire bail amount. The bail bond agent will partner with a surety company (usually an insurance company) who will actually post the bail to the court. We can complete the bail process and get you released in just a few hours, but this will depend on which jail you are in, how much the bail is, and the speed in completing the paper work.

Bail bond agents will require a contract that must be signed by a co-signer. This is someone who signs along with the defendant, and they must have job or other income. This person becomes responsible to see that the defendant attends all of their court hearings for the case. Once the case is over, bail is exonerated, or forgiven. If the defendant fails to show up in court, they and their co-signer can become liable for the entire bail – which will not be returned. This can be a costly situation, so you should always make sure that the person out on bail will uphold their obligation.

There are times when the defendant misses a court date because they overslept, forgot, or were delayed. Because of this, the law gives you 6 months to reschedule and show up for court before the bail is forfeited.

Are there any Discounts for Bail Bonds?

In Yuba City, the non-refundable fee for a bail bond is 10%of the bail – no more or less – regardless of which bail bond agent it is. A few exceptions exist, however. These are if the defendant has hired a lawyer, is a U.S. veteran, or is a member of a union.

If the Bail Bond Fee is More than You can Afford in Yuba City

In some cases, bail is so high that even the fee is more than you can afford to pay up front. You won’t have to worry about that if you come to Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds. In most cases we can find a way to get bail anyway. We offer a flexible payment program that caters to each person, and we take everything into account to make it easy and affordable to pay the fee. With our payment program in place, you can still get your bail bond fast, and have your loved one out of jail with no additional waiting time.

When someone you know needs bail the Yuba City area, call us immediately and we can help, no matter what time of day or night. Our agents are always near the phone or e-mail, and we are respectful of your stressful situation. Our 30 years in the bail bond business has given us the knowledge to handle your case with efficiency and courtesy. We are ready to take your call: (530) PADILLA / (530) 723-4552.

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