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When would you need a Yuba County Bail Bond?

If you know someone who has recently been arrested in Yuba County, they may need to hire a bail bond agent in order to pay their bail. This would be the case if bail is too much money for the person to pay. Some people try to use their cash to bail out of jail, but the money will be tied up for the duration of the case, which can be several months or longer. In addition, it can take months afterward to get the cash back. This can leave you strapped, and most people can’t really afford to use their own money if the bail is high.

A California bail bond agent is a licensed professional whose job it is to post bail for people who can’t afford to pay the entire amount. In Yuba County, it will cost 10% of the amount of bail, regardless of which bail bond agent you use. The fee – or premium – is mandated by the state of California, and a bail bond agent is not allowed to charge more or less. A few exceptions to this rule exist, however. If you are a member of a union, have hired an attorney, or are a U.S. veteran, you may be entitled to a discounted fee.

How is my Bail Determined?

After your arrest Yuba County, you will be taken to a local jail and booked. Booking is a process in which as much information about the case – and you – is gathered so that the police can determine whether to charge you or not. If they don’t have enough evidence to charge you, they will release you. If you are charged, in most cases you will be granted bail. The amount of bail is determined by a list of crimes and monetary amounts that are deemed fitting for them. This listing is generated by the state of California and is called a Bail Schedule.

How do Bail Bonds in Yuba County work?

Being granted bail means that you can leave the jail provided that you pay the full amount of bail to the court first and you agree to attend all of your court hearings pertaining to your case. If you fail to attend court, your bail will be forfeited, and you won’t get it back. As long as you attend court as required until the case is concluded, the bail will be returned or exonerated. When you use a bail bond to pay bail, the money is put up by a surety company associated with the bail bond agent. This is usually a bank or insurance company that can guarantee the money if you skip bail. Bail bonds are often promissory notes rather than actual cash.

Bail bond agents will require that a co-signer signs the bail bond contract along with the defendant. This is to guarantee that someone will be responsible for the defendant attending their court hearings. If the defendant fails to go to court, the co-signer and/or the defendant will be responsible to re-pay the entire amount of the bail to the bail bond agent. For this reason, bail bond agents sometimes also require that the co-signer/ defendant have some sort of collateral to back up the bail. This can be the deed to a house, jewelry, or a boat for example.

What do you do if the premium is too much?

If your bail is so high that even 10% puts a strain on your finances, good bail bond agents will have payment programs to help. Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds has been helping people bail out of jail for three decades, and our payment program can cater to the individual needs of our clients. You won’t have to worry about the fee because we can usually work out the right plan for you. We strive to make it as easy as possible for you to get your bail posted, and we understand the stress you are under. Our agents are knowledgeable and friendly, and will help you through the process, step by step. One of the most trusted and respected names in the business in Yuba County and nearby areas, Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds is here to help you get out of jail fast and with no hassle. Call right away at (530) PADILLA / (530) 723-4552. You’ll be glad you did!

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