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Getting Arrested in Concord

Being arrested can happen to anyone, including you. Once you’re taken to the local jail or nearest detention facility at Concord, you are booked: all your personal belongings are taken from you and stored for safekeeping; your ‘mug shots’ are taken and you will be asked all sorts of questions pertaining to the crime. Your personal information is also collected such as full name, address, date of birth, driver’s license, community standing and the like.

If you are not charged, your personal belongings are returned to you and you are released.

If you are charged, you may be temporarily freed if you post bail (unless you’re in good community standing, in which case you can be freed if you promise to attend all your court hearings). You will be granted one phone call to arrange for someone to bail you out.

Sometimes bail in California is set so high you and your family do not have enough cash on hand to pay it all. Even if you did have the cash to post bail, you won’t be able to get it back until months after your case is concluded. This can be very stressful.

The easy solution to your bail problems is calling Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds ASAP so we can help you get out of jail fast.

How does Bail Work?

If you are arrested, bail is a sort of an insurance you hand over to the court so you can be released in exchange for promising to attend all your case’s court hearings. If you flee and skip your hearings, the court gets to keep the bail. If the crime is minor and you are in good community standing (and no criminal record), the court may release you without bail aka ‘own recognizance’ but you still have to promise to attend your hearings.

When the amount of bail is too high for you to pay, hiring a bail bond agent is often the best recourse. Bail bond agents are licensed professionals who adhere to strict California rules and regulations pertaining to how much they can charge for their bail out services.

How Do I Get a Bail Bond?

To get a bail bond, you have to sign a legal agreement with a bail bond agent. The bail bond agent will need you to get a co-signer (usually a family member or loved one) who takes responsibility for making sure you show up at court.

Since the co-signer is required to pay the full bail if you flee, the co-signer needs to have a full-time job or pledge a collateral. Then the bail bond agent pays the bail to the court. If you flee, your co-signer pays back the bail bond agent (and may also pay for the services of a bounty hunter hired to find you and take you to court).

Before you can be freed, you must pay the bail bond agent’s fee or ‘premium’ which, in California, is pegged at 10% of the entire bail (non-refundable). This can go down to 8% if you are a member of a union, a retired or active military, or if you retained a private attorney.

In case even the premium is too much to pay at one time, bail bond agents can arrange a payment program for you, which may involve placing a collateral and paying off the premium in staggered payments.

Call Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds for help. Our quick, friendly and reliable services are available 24/7 at (916) PADILLA / (916)  723-4552 or locally (925) 231-8103. We are in the Contra Costa area waiting for your call.

Contra Costa Jails and Detention Centers

The time it takes to get you out of jail depends on the promptness bail bond paperwork is submitted to court and the prison where you are taken. The faster the submission, the faster you can be freed. We can usually advise you on the time between paperwork submission and your release once we know which jail you were taken. Here are some of them in Contra Costa:

Adult Jails & Detention Facilities

Juvenile Facilities

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