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Has someone you know been recently arrested? It could be that they were charged for a crime and are being held in a detention facility. Usually they will be offered to post bail so that they can leave the jail before their first hearing – the arraignment. If no bail is posted, the person must remain in jail until that hearing.

In Stockton, when someone is released on bail, they agree to attend all court hearings for the entire case. Once they do, the bail will be exonerated (forgiven and returned) at the end of the case. If they fail to appear, they are subject to re-arrest or having a fugitive recovery agent track them down to return them. If the person does not return and attend their hearings, the bail will be kept by the court.

How do You Get Bail While in Jail?

After you arrive at the detention facility, you will be booked. Booking in a Stockton jail could take several hours, and once this is done and bail is set, you are allowed to call one person. The person should be someone you know can help with bail – a family member, loved one or friend. You should give that person all the information they will need to arrange bail, such as your full name, address, birth date, detention facility, and amount of bail. If bail is too high for them to raise on their own, they will likely need the help of a bail bond agent.

Stockton Bail Bond Services

What does a Bail Bond agent do? A California bail bond agent is a licensed professional who works with financing companies to secure bail or promissory notes for bail to post to the court in behalf of the defendant. For set fee of 10% in the state of California, your bail bond agent will arrange a contract between the defendant, a co-signer with the defendant, and the agent to post your bail. The contract says that the defendant must attend all required court hearings, according to the bail agreement. If the defendant flees, and bail is retained by the court, the co-signer becomes responsible to pay back the entire amount of the bail. In higher-risk or high dollar bail cases, collateral may be required as part of the bail bond contract. Collateral may be any real property that is valued at or above that of the bail, such as a deed to a house, jewelry or a car.

There are different types of bail bonds. The most common types are cash bail bonds, surety bail bonds and own recognizance.

Cash Bonds – A cash bond is simply cash paid to the court for the bail. When bail is exonerated, it can take months of processing before the cash is paid back.

Surety Bail Bonds – This type of bond is where you need a bail bond agent can help you. It involves a contract with a bail bond agent and a co-signer. Usually the co-signer will be required to have a job and/or collateral. A non-refundable premium or fee is charged for the service.

Release on Own Recognizance

Being released on one’s “own recognizance” is when the defendant is released after signing an agreement that they will attend heir hearings, and no money or collateral is required. Basically, it is decided that the defendant is trustworthy and reliable and is determined to be a low flight risk. In these cases the crime is usually not serious.

What if the Premium is More than You can Afford?

In cases in which bail is tens of thousands of dollars or higher, and even the premium is more than you can pay, some bail bond agents have payment plans. Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds has been helping people get out of jail for 30 + years, and we understand our clients’ needs. We offer financing plans that are flexible and can fit your needs, so you can get your loved one out of jail fast and still be able to carry on with your life. We work hard to make it easy for you, and we are available any time of the day or night if you need help. Our Stockton bail bond agents are kind and understanding, and we can get the bail process started immediately. Call us at (209) 817-8417 for quick and hassle-free results!

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