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Under Arrest in Sutter County

Have you ever been arrested in the Sutter County area? If so, than you know that it is no picnic. You are taken to a local police station and booked, then granted bail. If you don’t pay the bail, you will have to stay in jail until at least the first bail hearing, which could be days or longer.

If bail is more than you or the person helping you can pay, how do you come up with the money to get out of jail?

The logical thing to do is to call a good bail bond agent. These professionals are in the business of posting bail for people just like you, and they charge a small percentage of the bail for their services. This is called a premium, and is a one-time non-refundable fee. The fee is set by the state of California and is the same for all bail bond agents. Make sure the agent is licensed and experienced, and can help you through the process of posting bail.
Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds is here to help you 24/7, whatever the crime, whatever the bail. We don’t judge people or make any assumptions – we simply do our best to get you out of jail in Sutter County quickly.

The Arrest and Booking

When you get arrested in Sutter County, the police must read you your rights before taking you in. After arriving at the jail, you will undergo booking. The police will take all of your personal belongings, including your wallet and cell phone, and store them while you are in jail. During booking, you will be photographed, fingerprinted, and asked many questions. Some of the questions will involve identifying you, such as your name, address, birthdate, etc.
You will also be asked questions about what happened at the crime scene and to recount your story regarding the incident. You may also be asked personal questions about your life, such as if you have a job, where do you go to school, are you married, etc.

Sometimes these questions are asked in order to determine your standing in the community, and to find out if you have been engaging in other criminal activity.

Own Recognizance

Occasionally people are released on their own recognizance. This is a type of bail that involves no money. Instead, the person may still be charged, but rather than paying bail, they simply sign an agreement saying that they will attend their court hearings until the case is completed. This type of bail is granted to people who are in good standing in the community, are generally trustworthy, have no criminal record, and the crime is not serious.

Getting A Bail Bond in Sutter County

When you need help with posting your bail, getting a bail bond with Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds is really quite simple. We take care of all the paperwork and court procedures, and we make sure things are easy for you. If you can’t make it to our office, we can come to you or arrange your bail using the phone, e-mail, and fax. A co-signer or guarantor will be required to sign with the defendant. This person will be responsible to make sure that the defendant fulfills their obligation to attend their court hearings while out on bail. If the defendant fails to do so, they and the co-signer may become liable to pay the entire bail. If the person has simply forgotten to go to court or was delayed, you can work with your bail bond agent and reschedule your hearing. In most cases you have 6 months before you have to pay the bail back.

Our agents at Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds can help you not only with getting your bail bond, but we can also help to get the bond reinstated if you couldn’t make it to court.

What If the Premium is too Much for Me?

If you find that you are having trouble affording to pay the mandatory premium, it’s OK. Leonard Padilla Bail Bonds has a flexible payment program that allows us to create a plan that works for everyone. You won’t have to wait any longer for your bail bond to be posted.

We are one of the most highly respected bail bond agents in Sutter County, and we make it our business to get you out of jail as fast as possible. Our three decades of experience has familiarized us with the local jails and detention centers. This helps expedite the process and our knowledgeable agents will help you every step of the way.
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